Ksenia Nosikova
Concert Pianist

Liszt Picture. American Liszt Society

Welcome to the Iowa Chapter of the American Liszt Society! The chapter was established in 2008 by the American Liszt Society. Dr. Ksenia Nosikova, member of the piano faculty at the University of Iowa serves as its President.

The American Liszt Society (ALS) is a national organization of professional musicians and music lovers that defines its purpose in the following way: " to promote scholarship and general understanding of the full creative and historical significance of Franz Liszt on the education and development of both the composition and performance of music throughout the Western World. .. to bring the ideals and philosophy of Liszt into the contemporary setting to aid and to serve colleagues and to promote high standards. to perpetuate and more fully understand Liszt's contribution and special message ".

A true Romantic, Franz Liszt was perhaps the most misunderstood musician in the history of music. His art has been portrayed as a display of empty showmanship and shallow virtuosity. The scholarship about him is full of falsehoods and misconceptions that have been argued and dismounted by continuing research of notable scholars, such as Dr. Alan Walker. As a result of continuing efforts to discover the truth about this phenomenal musician, a true Liszt is coming forward, a profound musician whose genius and vision greatly influenced the development of musical art, a musician and thinker whose brilliant artistry and deep spirituality continues to attract an admiration and attention in the 21st century.

The Society offers:

  • Journal of the American Liszt Society (JALS), published biannually
  • The American Liszt Society Newsletter, published biannually
  • Annual ALS Festival
  • ALS Archives at the Library of Congress
  • Local Chapters in various geographical areas
  • Publication opportunities in JALS
  • Performance opportunities in festivals and in chapter activities
  • Paper presentation opportunities at festivals
  • Host concerts in the home
  • Networking and mutual support among performers, scholars, and music lovers dedicated to the ideas of Liszt

The purpose of the Iowa Chapter is to promote the ideas of the American Liszt Society among musicians and music lovers in the state of Iowa through various festivals, concerts, lectures, and master classes of the highest standards.

All lovers of Franz Liszt's and the other Romantic's music are invited to join the American Liszt Society. See the membership page for more details.

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